English break, Lesson 12 : London Parks

LondonPKHello and welcome back to

your 2-minute English Break.

Today’s section will be about some beautiful places you can visit in London.

The British Capital is the home of many famous landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, the Tower Bridge, the Big Ben and the Tower of London, just to name a few.

What tourists often forget, is that this lovely city is also full of green spots that are works of art in their own right.

If you are planning to go on a trip there you should definitely visit:


It is considered one of the prettiest parks and it hosts many important Royal, political and literary associations. It has the most colourful flowerbeds and a very pretty lake with plenty of ducks and geese.  You can easily reach it from Trafalgar Square.


It is home toLondon Zoo. It has a lake that can take you to Camden or Little Venice. During the summer you can enjoy performances at the bandstand, and plays at the Open Air Theatre. It has some stunning rose gardens and it is home to the largest outdoor sports area in the city.


It is only a short train journey north of central London. This park is actually a heath so it’s the wildest of the parks. It is also home to Kenwood House, with its collection of paintings by Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Vermeer and Stubbs.


It’s probably the most famous park in London and one of the biggest parks in the world. There is plenty of things to do. You can listen to some speeches at Speaker’s Corner, relax in Christopher Wren’s Italian Gardens, play sports and swim in one of its lakes.

5# HOLLAND PARK It’s not far fromKensington. It has some of the capital’s most beautiful flower gardens. It is also home to the once spectacular Holland House – half destroyed during World War II.

In the article you can see some patterns in bold. Those patterns are the way we make the SUPERLATIVE FORM of adjectives in English. Let’s briefly look into it.
The general rule says:


  à the capital’s most beautiful flower gardens. à the prettiest parks.  But, what do you notice about these two patterns? One sentence has a long adjective (Beautiful) and the other a short one (Pretty).
In English we need to keep in mind this small difference to use the superlative form.

SHORT ADJECTIVES form the superlative by putting THE in front of the adjective and by adding the suffix – EST. Ex. The largest outdoor sports area in the city. LONG ADJECTIVES form the superlative by putting THE MOST in front of the adjective and no suffix. Ex. the most famous park in London


If you’re going to London soon or have been there before, let us know about your favourite park!
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