English Break, lesson 2: a surprise from Malta

jump in.jpgHello and welcome back to Your 2-minute English Break.

Today we will talk about English Speaking Countries.

As you certainly know, English is one the most widely spoken languages in the world. It trails in third place after Chinese and Spanish.

Some countries are well-known for being native speakers but…did you know that English is not the first language in Malta?

To our surprise, we have recently learnt that English is the second language in the British Colony. On the island, they speak Maltese which is a mixture of Italian and Arabic whereas English makes up only around 10% of the vocabulary.

Road signs and notices are often in English while places are called in Maltese (often preceded by the word Triq = Street). Left-hand drive and steering wheel on the right may cause some troubles to drivers.

Malta and Gozo are also well-known for hosting marvelous Christian Cathedrals.

If you happen to spend some time in Malta, don’t forget to visit some of the nicest, sandy and rocky bays and beaches.

Grammar points: look at the reading again

1) What are trails – makes? 

2) and what are countries – speakers – drivers – cathedrals – bays – beaches

All these words end with an ‘s’ but…what is the difference?

Words at point 1) are verbs in the third person while words at the point 2) are plural nouns.




Thank you for your time and…jump in English Language with us!


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