English Break, lesson 6: visiting Bournemouth


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Today review is dedicated to prepositions of place and time. Can you spot them in the passage below?

JUMP IN! English Language School organizes study vacations throughout summertime. In summer 2016 we took our young students (10 to 15 years old) to Bournemouth, a lovely resort town in the County of Dorset, England.

Bournemouth owes its name to the river ‘Bourne’ that crosses the town and ‘mouth’ is literally the mouth of the river that flows into the sea.

In fact, Bournemouth is located right by the sea and is very well known both as a resort town and as a study destination being the first city in England, after London, to host the largest number of Schools of English for foreign students.

In the town centre you can find some remarkable examples of Victorian architecture , a sample of which you can see in the pictures below: St. Paul’s Church, a Catholic Church.

The above prepositions are those you may come across more frequently in spoken language but there is a whole variety of expressions we should know. For instance, could you tell the difference between ‘next to’, ‘near’ and ‘nearby’? They are all similar in meaning and, in Italian, you can translate them all as ‘vicino’ but in English they are not interchangeable.

If Lucy is standing next to you, it means you are side by side and no one else is in between you but if Lucy is standing near you, it means she is not far away from you but there might be one or more people between you and her. Finally, ‘nearby’ cannot act as a preposition (you cannot say ‘Lucy is standing nearby me!) but as an adjective or adverb as in the following examples.

-      Lucy is nearby

-      I bought this souvenir in a nearby shop




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